“IL CANTINONE” Restaurant

Our starred restaurant is open exclusively for the winter season.

Cross-border traditions are enriched by new flavors
and unique gastronomic experiences.

Local ingredients in season are prepared with international culinary techniques and esthetics, without neglecting Italian identity.
The local area takes on new life thanks to original pairings and experimentation under the knowing eyes of chefs Stefano Masanti and Stefano Ciabarri.


The restaurant offers a tasting menu composed of 5 or 7 courses, inspired by the season and the best ingredients available. The dishes are paired with wines, original and carefully selected by our sommelier, Raffaella Mazzina Masanti.
Freshness, innovation and sustainability are the cornerstones of the philosophy behind “Il Cantinone”.

Our dishes are inspired by the changing seasons.

The menus are based on the availability of fresh, seasonal products.
That makes every experience a tour restaurant unique and surprising.